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USA-Austausch: Diary Fri 22 - Tue 9 Nov 2010

Friday 22 October

Our trip to America began at 7:15 at the train station in Pforzheim. After saying goodbye to our families, we took the train to Frankfurt Airport. Without intricacies at the Check-In, we sat in the airplane at 12:30. At 16:00 (local time) we landed in Newark after an eight-hour flight. In the arrival hall we were well received by our host families. All the host families took their host students home or did something else. For dinner, Shari Widmann and I (we are in the same host family) went to New York City. Our evening ended at a place in New York City where we had an awesome view all over the city. Exhausted but happy we went to bed at 22:00.
(Alessa Kittel)

Saturday 23 October

Waking up in a new country in a new house at 7 am in the morning (German time: 1pm) is kind of strange because you do not know will be happening in the next few weeks. We were having an American breakfast and went to East Brunswick Mall shortly after that. The malls are totally different from Germany. I saw people going shopping in their pyjamas and the mall was dirty and old-fashioned. You would never find such a mall in Germany. After that we went to the Marching-Band practise. Marching Band seemed to me really weird but it is so hard to walk, to play and to dance at the same time. While my exchange partner went to a competition I went to Applebees - my first American (non-fastfood) restaurant. To me it seemed strange waiting for a table to sit on special benches although there were some tables unoccupied. One thing I can definetely tell you: Americans are the friendliest people I know!
(Franziska Hornyai)

Sunday 24 October

On Sunday, 24th of October, we and our host families could decide by ourselves what we would like to do for the day. Our family wanted to show us New Hope, a small town in Pennsylvania. After the typical American breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs and bagels we drove to the Delaware River, from where we walked over the bridge to the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. The countryside there is really nice and a big contrast compared to New York. New Hope is located directly at the border and with its small, a bit freaky shops it has its own provincial flair. All in all it was a beautiful day where we could also see the rural side of the USA.
(Shari Widmann)

Monday 25 October

After a long flight from Frankfurt to Newark and a weekend for relaxing, it was our first day in our American high school. In the first period the principal of the North Brunswick Township High School welcomed us and afterwards we went to the German class of Mr. Schwab. All in all the classes here in America are different to ours, e.g. the students have to walk long distances to the rooms of the teachers. Besides the students have to choose their classes and they can make their own schedule. Their school, in comparison to ours, is also bigger and there is a big cafeteria for the students. Normally school ends after the 8th period at 2.27.
(Laura Prokopczuk

Tuesday 26 October

The 26th of October was a very exciting day. We, in this case only the Germans, went to see the sight number 1 sight of whole America, the Statue of Liberty.
We met in front of the North Brunswick Township High School at 7:45h in the morning. That is where we also met our guide, a history teacher from N.B.T. Middle School, after a little intro the bus picked us up. We had a 30-40 minutes bus ride till we arrived at the Ferry Station, where the ferry to Ellis Island would start. But before getting on the boat we had to pass a security check. Then we boarded. Arriving on Ellis Island we visited a huge museum, there our guide told us tons of information about what Ellis Island was used for and that between the years 1892 and 1954 immigration was huge there. It was pretty interesting, but too long and so also a little boring.
After having visited Ellis Island, the ferry took us the island of the Statue of Liberty. We made a photoshooting and a group picture there. Then after another security check we were allowed to climb the Statue of Liberty, that thing is pretty big! From up there we had a wonderful view on the New York Skyline. After another photoshooting the ferry took us back to the bus again. We arrived the High School at about quarter to 3 pm.
From there we went straight to the "Oktoberfest" at Jen Muellers house. It was not an "Oktoberfest" a German or even a Bavarian would think of when he hears that word, but still it was really cool. Resuming that day I would say it was really cool and exciting but also vary ardous.
(Lukas Bujotzek)

Wednesday 27 / Thursday 28 October

Yesterday was our second day at North Brunswick Township High School. It was an early closing so we could leave school at 12:15h. On early closing days every period is only 25 minutes long. After school some of the exchange students and their partners met at East Brunswick Mall where we wanted to buy Halloween costumes. Though they had a great variety of different ones we did not buy them because they were so expensive. Soon the Americans wanted to show us a bigger mall they like better: Menlo Park. The most popular shop there was the "Apple Store" and some of the Germans thought about buying the new iPod touch because it is about 30% cheaper here than in Germany.
Thursday was another early closing and I attended Sue and some of her friends from the marching band to Linwood Middle School. There they helped the younger students of the wind orchestra with their instruments. In the evening we looked through some of Sues old Halloween costumes. We both found one: I will be Cleopatra and Sue will be an ostrich rider which is one of the funniest costumes I have ever seen. It bloats itself and it looks awesome. Unfortunately she did not want me to take a picture!
(Sinja Ruhnke)

Friday 29 October

After our first five days at North Brunswick Highschool, the first week of school was done. At 7th period the we got visited by the mayor of North Brunswick Township, Francis Mac Womack. Telling about his life as a major and his other job we saw that he has a very busy day. Today it is also the first day of the Halloween weekend. In the evening most of us met in Six Flags, the adventure park with the highest rollercoaster on world: Kingda ka.
After getting scared by a lot of undead creatures, demons, wickeds or other creatures of the night, we arrived home late at night.
(Dennis Wendlinger)

Saturday 30 October

Today we finally could sleep late, because it was the weekend. At 12am our train to New York City left the station in New Brunswick. Finally, after one hour, we arrived in New York. And I can tell you, New York is amazing: only high-rise buildings at both sides of the street, so many yellow taxis and everywhere bright lights. At 2pm we all met on Broadway at Times Square in front of a theater to see the musical West Side Story. After the show we went home by train to get ready for the Halloween party. All in all a busy but great day!!
(Deborah Guenole)

Sunday 31 October

Halloween. The time to go trick or treating. Not exactly for us. Because of our Halloween party on Saturday night “the day” started with cleaning up the basement, throwing out empty bottles, going to bed in the middle of the night and trying to sleep late.
The day we spent going to the mall where a lot of kids were trick or treating. Afterwards we met up with Stephs aunt, cousin, sister and Dad who had been trick or treating and joined them for the last few houses.
(Saskia Strobel)

Monday 1 November

After a 3 hours drive we arrived in Washington DC on the train station. To get to the hotel we had to take a shuttle bus. It was way too small for 20 people. From the hotel we went on to the city of DC. We saw the White House and Obamas dog (!). DC is a beautiful city. We walked along a memorial for the Second World War. In the afternoon we took the Metro to Chinatown and had an hour to do stuff we liked to. In the evening we went to the swimming pool in the hotel. All in all we had a great day.
(Marie Horak)

Tuesday 2 November

After breakfast at the hotel, we took the shuttle bus to the subway, went by subway and got off at the Pentagon, the Department of Defense of the United States. There we had a guided tour through the building, which was not the best one, because it was boring and the guide told us useless information. I think everybody thought it would be more interesting there. So when we got out we could go on our own. Me and some others went to Arlington Cemetery, the place where all dead soldiers of the US are buried. It was an impressive place, also good for taking pictures. Afterwards we went in the center of DC and ate at a McDonalds snack stall. With a good meal in our stomachs we went to the Space Museum, it was very huge but interesting. At 4:30pm we met all other guys and went to Georgetown, a nice district, especially very good for shopping and we could go wherever we wanted to go. Later in the evening we met again and went home together.
(Lars Andraschko)

Wednesday 3 November

Today our group went to visit the Capitol of Washington DC. First we had to go to the metro station by a little shuttle bus (again), which had only 15 places but we were 20 people! When we were at the station near the Capitol it was very impressive to see this special building!
At the Capitol it was a little bit sunny and we just hung around there for a while. Our teacher gave us some background information about the political system and then we had the chance to go to museums or watch the Capitol inside.
On our way back to New Jersey everyone was a little bit tired but we had lots of fun though.
(Vanessa Schmelzle)

Thursday 4 / Friday 5 November

On Thursday morning we all had to sleep in because we were tired from our Washington trip. So in the morning we were just relaxing, while in the afternoon Kim, Katie and I went 5-hours Power shopping in one of these big malls you could hardly find in Germany.
On Friday Katrin and I went to the cinema to watch the movie Secretariat. We both did not know what the movie is about, but it was fun and we understood most of it. In the afternoon we met with some other Germans at Adams house because Katrin and Dennis missed playing piano and Adam had a piano. In the evening I went to my first football match, which was interesting and cool, but I think football is a little bit boring and stupid.
(Liselotte Pflomm)

Saturday 6 / Sunday 7 November

This weekend Kara and I went to Lancaster in Pennsylvania with Kara’s grandparents. That really was another side of America! No big houses and sights but fields and little really cute houses. When we drove there on Saturday we first had lunch in a little restaurant and went to a pretzel factory, because I wanted to taste American pretzels. Honestly they tasted like nothing, at least without salt… Then we went to the hotel where we spent the night and after doing that we went shopping. In the evening we first had dinner in an Asian restaurant and then we went to the “American Music Theater” to see a Christmas Show, which was really great! After the show we were really tired and went back to the hotel.
On Sunday we visited a very special hotel which was called the “Red Caboose Lodge”, very special because the hotel were actually railway wagons that all stood in a large place. We were allowed to take a look into the wagons and they looked like normal hotel rooms. :-) Then we went to an old railway station to make a short trip with a steam engine. In this steam engine there were many actors that were dressed like in 2nd World War and they also behaved like that. One of those people went through the train asking the “normal-dressed” tourists questions. When he came he noticed my German accent and everybody was like: “Oooh, Germans…”. Of course they were still nice to me, but they looked at me a bit strange, just like in 2nd World War, which was actually really funny. After we did that we went to a gift shop and I had the chance to buy some souvenirs. Then we went home again, on the way I took Kara and her grandparents to Starbucks as a little Thank-you for this amazing weekend. :-)
(Katrin Buerck)

Monday 8 November / Tuesday 9 November

Today was a regular day at school. I spent 3 hours in the cafeteria and visited two German classes. It was very interesting to see how the American students learn our language. There are many places in school where you can find water dispensers. So every time you are thirsty you can get something to drink. Apart from this there are more drinks and food to buy at lunch periods. During that period you can meet friends at a tables and talk about things that are not really related to school.
On Tuesday we made a field trip to Philadelphia, or often called “Philly”. We got there by bus and it took us an hour to drive. First we went to Independence Hall, the room where the Declaration of Independence of America was signed and the first Constitution was created. After that we walked over to the National Constitution Center. We got to see a presentation with lots of pictures and videos while a man was telling us the history of the American Constitution. The weather was very nice this day and before we left some of us bought some little souvenirs. Everyone enjoyed this day.
(Jessica Czaja)

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